Maternity Leave

Help athletes integrate Maternity Leave Clause into their partnership agreements.

During the Revelstoke Sister Summit 2023 edition, the participants collectively identified the need for a better regulation on maternity leaves for athlete.

With guidance from industry professionals and a legal team, we are working on creating a guideline for the industry, inspired by the paragraph “Model Sponsorship Contract Provisions for Pregnancy and Parental Leave” by ©2021 by WeAre&Mother to be included in all athlete partnership agreements act for women rights.  

Gender Equality

Create guidelines for the industry to be more Gender Equal

We are working with an academic team on a research project to understand the snow sport industry better. We want to build insightful data and statistics and will create a global report for the industry on gender equality.

The heart of the research is based on the knowledge and challenges shared by the athletes, speakers, guides, consultants and media team during the summit, together with research process done throughout the year. Our goal is to provide guidelines and recommendations for the industry to become gender equal.

Movie & Content Creation

Raise womens visibility & opportunity through Movies & Content Creation

We are producing and directing a 100% women documentary in the ski and snowboard industry.

Women are still underrepresented in sport films, and we hope that the Sister Summit films and content creation can be part of changing that. To be able to dream and believe in yourself, you need to see someone like yourself excelling. We want to give space and shine light on the athletes, for the next generation to have role models to look up to and believing that they can do it too.


Seek support & continue to learn about Diversity and Sustainability - to be better ally

Why: We are aware that we still have a long way to go before we can claim to be a diverse and sustainable space.

How: We are determined to educate ourselves and get professional support to learn on diversity and sustainability. We will continue to invite women from diverse backgrounds to participate and collaborate on a leadership level, to be able to create spaces were every participant feel included and safe.

Rethink our funding strategy - to become more affordable

Why: Our events are too expensive and therefore non-inclusive. We want to be more accessible for all professional athletes.

How: We will reach out to non-endemic and endemic brands,  apply for grants, and create a non-profit structure.

Revise the Rookie Series - to be more accessible

Why: for the event to be more accessible and open to unknown talents.

How: by creating a Rookie Series committee of judges with diverse backgrounds and experience. The submissions will be judged based on a form, where the rules and expectations will be publicly announced.