Through Sister Summit we want to create a space for learning. Learning form each other, sharing experience, and learning from other powerful business women. We want to become better versions of ourselves, and we believe sharing is key.

Most of our guests will speak online, talk from their homes sharing their expertise and passion. From mindfulness to the entrepreneurial mindset, and diversity to sustainability.

The talks will be shared online for everyone to watch.

Meet our Speakers

Gabby Reece

Gabby is not only a volleyball legend, but an inspirational health and fitness leader, podcast host, corporate speaker, New York Times bestselling author, wife, and mother.

Anniken Fjelberg

She has a broad expertise in identity and brand building, communication, strategy, business development and innovation.

Janne Robinson

Janne an international speaker, facilitator, film director, and the CEO of “This is for the Women” a media and apparel brand that empowers women to walk tall like an old cypress tree and take up space.

Evelina Nillson

Yogi and professional skierwill lead yoga classes at #Sistersummit 2022!

Khai Bhagwandin

We are committed to building this community with full awareness of the inequalities in this sport.

Sofie Gidlund

Sofie works daily with business to create and help implement sustainable strategical decisions.

Kiana Fores

A water woman and believer in the practice of movement and breathwork.