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The Rookie Series Process

We wanted to engage our audience to find our ultimate rookies. Filmmakers, photographers, skier and snowboarders had to create a reel on their Instagram, tagging us and explaining why they wanted to be part of Sister Summit 1.0. We got more than 100 applications and films, where Sister Summit selected the top 3 in each category. We share the categories on our social media where everyone could vote. The voting process were open for a week, and we are proud to show you our final rookies who will attend the Sister Summit in November 2022 at Mustang Powder Lodge together with the top female riders!

How to Join

Create a Reel

Put together all your best clips into a reel to highlight your skills, showing who you are. Share the reel on your Instagram by the 1st of October 2022.


Remember to hashtag #SisterSummitRookie22 in the Reel. 

The Caption

Write a few words about yourself and what motivates you. Why do you want to attend SisterSummit 2022?

Give us a follow

You'll find us at @SisterSummit_ on Instagram.

Selection process

The Selection

TheSister Summit will watch all reels with the hashtag #SisterSummitRookie22 and select 3 skiers, 3 snowboarders & 3 filmers/photographers. All 9 reels  will be shared through the @SisterSummit_ Instagram, where everyone can vote. 

The Voting

The Reels will be shared on the feed by @SisterSummit_. There will be three posts, shared by category; skiers, snowboarders and filmers/photographers. One female from each category with the most engagement will be part of the Sister Summit 2022, and get the Summit fully covered. Last day to vote is 16th of October 2022.

Welcome to the Sister Summit!

We can’t wait to share this journey with you. We are excited to welcome you to Mustang Powder Cats in Revelstoke, BC, Canada, from 24th of November to 1st of December 2022.