The first part of the second edition of Sister Summit will take place at Eaglepass Heli in Revelstoke BC, Canada. 24th of November to 1st of December 2023. 100% female power, with female chefs, guides, hosts, filmers and photographers, speakers & athletes.

On snow we push our skills, while off the hill we look inside sharing our knowledge and experience to become better versions of ourselves.


Gathering the world best skiers & snowboarders from around the globe. From Olympic medalist and World Champions, to young up-and-coming athletes, we want to push the sport to the next level, by sharing experience and knowledge.

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The Rookie Series

The Rookie Series supports three undiscovered women, 1 skier, 1 snowboarder, and 1 filmer or photographer to attend the Sister Summit at Mustang Powder Lodge 24th to 1st of December 2022 - all inclusive. 

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The Speaker Series

At Sister Summit learning is key, and we are bringing in women with great impact to speak at Sister Summit 1.0. From food & meditation to branding & identity, to social media & negotiation. The talks will also be available online.

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Mountain Guides

With expertise and knowledge from the best female guides in the industry, we are happy to create a safe environment at Sister Summit. We believe that asking questions and sharing experience is key factors for learning and growth.

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Production Team

An all female media team - photographers, filmers and editors. The Sisters at Mustang will be filmed each day on and off the hill, where the content will be shared with the world from the athletes and our partners platforms. Together we change the world!

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We want to build are team with knowledge, diversity and through a sustainable future. We are thankful for the strong volunteers, being part of this mission together. We are seeking support from powerful women to help us become better.

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Together with our partners we are able to host and gather the sisters from around the globe - to change the female frequency. We are thankful for the support, and creating a world wide sisterhood.

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The Industry Collective

The Industry Collective was created to give recognition to all the endemic brands that truly support the life blood of the sport.

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On the hill

The focus is on sport progression. From building jumps and learning new tricks, to riding deep heavenly powder and stomping pillow lines to airing cliffs and natural features. We learn by failing, and working with nature. We help each other grow, by sharing our experiences and knowledge and supporting each other every step of the way. Safety is key for success in the mountains.

Through snow science, scenario based training and case studies we deepen our knowledge and maximise our experience in the mountains. Mastering our First Aid practices, avalanche safety techniques, dialling in our daily equipment and learning to listen to our gut instincts we not only maximise our experience in the outdoors but we raise the standard for all individuals entering the backcountry.

Off the hill

Cultivate wellness routines and practices to fully maximise your experience on earth and perform at the highest level. Through guided meditations, breathwork, yoga and lectures, we learn to be present. Our body and mind is the most precious thing we have, let’s take care of them..

At Sister Summit, food & nutrition is key.  We will grow and develop this vital resource and learn how food is a building block for happiness and performance.